A New Challenger Approaches

Thu 16th Apr 2015 - 10:59pm

COGnitive Gaming is pleased to announce the signing of Jason “M2K” Zimmerman and the re-signing of Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett to the COGnitive Gaming Smash family.


Wizzrobe returns to COGnitive after a successful 6 months with numerous accomplishments including a 3rd place finish in Smash 64 at Apex this year with his signature Yoshi.  “I’m very excited to have Wizzy back with COG, he has proven to be a fierce competitor and encapsulates the COGnitive mantra,” stated owner David “SmugglinRum” Fry II. He can be found breaking Wind Waker and practicing his Yoshi spike at and

M2K, known for his intellectual and surgical approach to the game, joins us with an extensive trophy collection and successful career.  His sucess extends acorss the entire library of Smash Brothers games and is known for his Sheik, Marth, Fox, and of course Mewtwo.  One of the “Kings of Smash” M2K brings COGnitive to the forefront of the Smash Bros scene and caused “SmugglinRum” to tweet, “I can’t actually believe I'm saying this, but I probably just signed the biggest non DOTA 2 player i would fanboy over.”  M2k can be found at and at



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