Smite Daily God Build: Sylvanus Support - Jigz

Sun 22nd Mar 2015 - 6:35pm : Cognitive Smite God Builds

Jigz Note: "It's very difficult to build a full built without knowing the enemy team compisition, but this is the most standard build I'd give" Use this as a general item guide, results may vary. 



  • Watcher's Gift
  • Hand of the Gods level 1
  • 2 health potions
  • 1 ward

Immediately leave base and place ward near enemy's damage buff to keep tabs on them for invade possibilities

  • Return to base and buy 4 mana potions then proceed to red buff'


  • Boots level one for some movement
  • Sovergenity
  • Heartward Amulet
  • Midguardian Mail
  • Lotus Crown


  • Finish boots when money is avail. If you are behind, guard boots to stay alive. If ahead, cooldown boots to force more engagements
  • Sell watcher's gift for : Winged blade if they have a lot of slow or for Spirit Robes if they have a lot of hard Crowd control (freezes, stuns). 





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