Cognitive Gaming vs Cloud 9 Summary

Sun 22nd Mar 2015 - 6:35pm : Gaming


Game One cognitive has a bit of a rough start, but they were on point during the early objective control. Later in the game the teamfight pressure was too much from cloud 9. Hercules was a major problem for the Cog boys to deal with as he just strolled into their front line focusing Jigz more often than not. Once the support was down, the rest of the team could not fight and would get pushed out and or picked off.  Tough loss for the Cog boys. 



Game Two Cognitive had a better start, not as much control on the early objectives but able to stay toe to toe with the teamfights until mid game when C9 were able to push ahead and sustain their lead to victory. 


Tune in Sunday March 29th to see Cognitive Gaming face off against another previous CoG team, Team Solo Mid. 





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