Cognitive Gaming vs Team SoloMid Summary

Wed 1st Apr 2015 - 6:59am : Gaming
Sadly our CoG boys lost to TSM, a strong team that use to share the same name, in a crushing defeat of 2-0. In the first game of the match Cognitive Prime banned out Sylvanus and Thor and elected to draft a team focused on the late game to bolster what has been called their weakness, but sadly Xbal and Herc never took off as key fights in the early mid game shifted the advantage to TSM so drastically Cognitive functions where never recovered. TSM's team was drafted with a heavy AOE team fight pressence added along with the mobility and control, of an Athena, Posiedon, Hades, and Bastet tore through their enemies. After 21 minutes, a massive xp deficit, and over 10k gold behind CoG elected for the f6 to move forward into game 2 of this match.
In Game 2, of the match between Cog and TSM, CoG attempted to learn from game 1 and ban out Hades who was the top damage in the previos game and still banned out Sylvanus. Short term memory good, long term memory bad, Thorgarz is released. With Thor not being banned out and available TSM still chose to first pick Athena showing the priority of the character to them. With another chance to stop Thorgarz from appearing on the battlefield CoG picked up HunBatz and Geb, the exact same 2 first picks they got in game 1. Thorgarz online. Needless to say Thor does not escape DaGarz grasp this time. For the remainder of the draft Cog picks a vertually identical comp to game one with the exception of picking away Posiedon to keep him away from TSM and picking Tyr instead of Hercules. TSM rounded of their team with and Ullr mid, a Vulcan in duo, and a Sobek solo. In this game it felt like CoG was on tilt from the moment of the picks and bans a series of bad plays, misused and misplaced ults, a seaming lack of coordnation or communication lead them to show us all the skill and talent we would expect in a pub stomp cassual game, not the SPL. TSM wraps this game up at 28 minutes, with a 19k gold lead and a score of 30-8-70, reminding us they are the former number 1 seed the former CoG RED.



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