COG Heroes to WCA Global Finals in China

Sun 6th Dec 2015 - 6:02am : Gaming

After falling to the hands of the soon to be Blizzcon world champions Cloud9 at regionals in Las Vegas the team shifted focus to the WCA playoff finals.

 A few changes have been made since placing 3rd at the Americas championship. We have adopted a few new philosophies in regards to our play style and strategy. We have also brought on a new coach Antherus 'xcyteZ' Ha former coach of Cloud9 Vortex and team Bang Bang! He is very passionate and motivated and I think he will help with our team dynamic.

 The finals were played online and we came out top two over Panda Global to secure our spot meaning that as of December 13th we will be boarding flights to Yinchuan, China to compete in our second international LAN as a team.

 Truth be told, our group (of death) is nothing to shake a stick at. We will be competing against Team Liquid, eStar, Brave Heart, the MSI MGA korean champions MVP Black, and of course our closest friends and biggest hurdle Cloud9.

 We’ve been on the same stage with these teams before and we welcome the challenge.





Dylan Walker

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