COG Heroes Qualifers for WCA Finals and America's Championship Regional LANs

Mon 27th Jul 2015 - 5:54am : General : Gaming

Hello, Manager here.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the team here in SJ. After getting knocked out in the Ro16 of the June Open by Cloud9 Maelstrom we moved Glaurung out here and began playing anything and everything we could in the weeks leading up to the July open so as to acquire seeding points. It was a rough patch for sure, we had multiple hard losses to teams that we should not be losing to and were only able to muster up a measly and disappointing THREE seeding points for the month of July. Thankfully right before the round of eight things started clicking how we knew they would when we theorized this roster. We were prepared when we met Zeveron in the round of sixteen and won the series 2-0.

Heading into the round of eight things were a bit wonky. We took a day off because we hadn't had one in over a month, and then we had to do multiple stream talk shows and interviews. Also it didn't help that teams kept cancelling or missing scrims against us (I swear I should just double book every day) so by the time the round of 8 started I was feeling scared that we hadn't be able to put in as much work as I'd hoped for. We knew the brackets and knew that all we needed to do was win three best of 3's to qualify for regionals and from there we could focus on the next task at hand. One thing at a time.

Overcoming compLexity was what it was going to come down to. They knocked us into the lower bracket the first day, but we stayed alive knocking out 2ARC. On sunday when the tournament resumed we bested goon squad and compLexity. I'm proud of this achievement. The team today is night and day different than the team that was struggling to aquire seeding points. 

Off the back of qualifying for the regional lan we also managed to steal a spot at the WCA Finals at PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of August. We are very excited to attend along with compLexity and Cloud9 Maelstrom and (possibly?) Panda Global. We are hopeful about our performance at this LAN and will be practicing in a unique way to ensure that we can play under any conditions. The top 1 (or two...the rules for this tournament are really unclear) teams will join Tempo Storm at the main event in China. How sick would that be? I know we can do it.

Thanks for reading. Really proud of these guys and we're going to keep at it.


Love you,




Dylan Walker

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