COG Aquires Release Gaming: XBOX Gods to Smite World Championship

Sun 6th Dec 2015 - 7:55am : Gaming : Smite Xbox One

We told you we'd be back.

Let me introduce the next roster to represent COGnitive at the Smite World Championship. 

USA SoupsKitchen Brad Rogge Solo
USA Shing Alex Rosa Jungle
USA Freya Justin Grella Mid
Canada Paul Paul Berger Hunter
USA gustavY Benjamin Lyubarskiy Support


 Release Gaming has always been a threat in XB1 Smite. The team attended the MLG world finals in New Orleans taking home $1,250, and more recently had a $1,500 3rd place run at the UMG Invitational in Georiga falling just shy of their Worlds qualifer spot.

The squad was not ready to admit defeat. 

On Dec. 3rd the team signed with COG and went to Columbus, Ohio seeking redemption this past weekend at the MLG Pro League LAN finals.

The squads first round opponent eLevate was no pushover, the first game was a landslide in favor of the red rebellion but COG had some colors to show of their own. The second game was a carefully navigated stomp, with COG carefully pushing eLevates titan with a gold lead over 10k. The third game saw the teams neck in neck when the mid game fell apart for eLevate giving COG the opportunity to force an endless series of pickoffs and move onto their grand final opponents Team Eager.

The series was incredibly close concluding in an epic fifth game where EGR siedged ahead. The team is headed home $10,000 richer and will be steady on the grind until worlds. We will support our team as they head to the Cobb Energy and Preforming Arts Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia from Janurary 7-10th to compete for their share of the $150,000 prize pool and the 2016 World Championship Trophy.

P.S. - If you look up COGnitive Gaming on the Smite Gamepedia you'll see that COG's first ever group of gods included Alexa 'Shing' Rosa who joined us with SNIPE Gaming. While Rosa left COG last December he had his own journey in the SPL, playing for teams such as Denial esports and Dignitas. We've kept your seat warm Shing.



Dylan Walker

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